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Bounceback from Burnout

6-month Program

Eliminate Burnout and Unmanaged Stress from Your Life During this 6-month Intensive

  • Do you want to avoid the stress and burnout that keep you stuck and stop you from living your best life?

  • Do you want to feel more safe and secure and naturally raise your levels of health and vitality?

  • Do you want a clear and easy-to-follow, custom-tailored plan for managing your energy and life, so that you have more time and energy for what matters most?

Program features:

30-minute 1-on-1 sessions 3X each month – custom-tailored strategy and support to meet your individualized needs so that you consistently reduce stress levels and boost your physiological coherence and vitality in ways that work best for you.

Private Zoom meetings – get real-time face-to-face support & feel 100% safe to share freely and be 100% yourself, which means that you get to the heart of a challenge in a more efficiently manner so that you flow more freely toward your desired outcome.

UNLIMITED 10-minute laser coaching sessions* – get real-time resilience-building support when you need it most.

Video and Audio Recordings – you can be fully present and not miss a moment of our sessions, have the ability to review and relive the "aha moments" and insights that you gain during each session, and replay techniques we cover together so that you feel confident that you make the progress you're committed to making for yourself.

Worksheets and Handouts – easily track your resilience-building plan activities in the provided worksheets and conveniently refer back to the handouts that explain each of the techniques in a
clearly defined, step-by-step format.

Stress & Well-being Assessment Review Sessions 2X** – measure how you progress through the program from beginning to end.

Biofeedback technology (optional)+ – measure your physiological coherence with your biofeedback device every time you practice a coherence-building technique so that you can track the incremental improvements in your physiological coherence levels in real-time throughout the program. This device easily pairs with iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to save to the cloud and share the biotechnology session information with your program mentor so that you can celebrate your progress and get a better understanding of your coherence numbers during your sessions.

Enrollment Options:

With Biofeedback Option:

Without Biofeedback Option:

*Laser sessions can be scheduled for the purpose of practicing the techniques when you need to lock in the learning in between regular sessions or if you simply need additional support in between regular sessions. Laser sessions are held via phone or Zoom. Previously agreed-upon commitments to your resilience-building shall be completed prior to scheduling each laser coaching session.

**Additional assessments administered on an as-needed basis, no less than 6 weeks after the initial assessment.

+Biofeedback technology is optional though highly recommended. If Biofeedback option is purchased, a special orientation session can be scheduled once the technology is delivered to you.

NO medical advice given

This website and corresponding program are designed for educational purposes only and shall not be deemed as rendering of medical advice or services. The information provided through this site and through the program should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, consult with your health care provider.


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